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Travel Immunizations and Vaccines
Travel Health Clinic

Get Prepared for Your Trip with Travel Immunizations and Vaccines

With all of the attention that COVID-19 has gotten over the last few years, it has been easy to forget that many countries require several other travel immunizations and vaccines. Which ones are required depend on both the origin point and the destination.

The country you're traveling from factors in because it affects which vaccines you're likely to already have. For example, if you come from the United States like most of our clients, you're unlikely to be vaccinated against certain tropical diseases.

Of course, the countries you intend to travel to also play their part in determining which travel immunizations and vaccines you'll need. Only some of the needed vaccines may be required by the destination government. Depending on the destination, you may find that it is a good idea to exceed the recommendations, especially if the official guidelines are lax.

Here at Worldwide Travel Health, a travel health clinic dedicated to helping people stay healthy while abroad, we offer packages for a wide variety of destinations. We also offer hard-to-get vaccines, such as the one for yellow fever. Along with these services, we provide reports on your destinations including restrictions and vaccine requirements.

Our travel health clinic will also be sure to tell you how long it takes for each vaccination to reach its full effect. This way, your trip won't be delayed by surprise, and you also won't have to worry about whether or not you're really protected when you get to your destination.

To get started, just make an appointment with us here at Worldwide Travel Headquarters in Rancho Mirage, CA. We serve the whole Coachella Valley.

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